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Hello Stream! How you guys doin’? [x]

Wed, 23rd July
sp4zie; spazie; gif; gifset; mygifs; haven't posted a gif of spazie in a long while;
Wed, 23rd July  54017
same; literally;
You should draw a puma wearing puma shoes.







Wed, 23rd July  136041
i can't breathe; cheer up kit;

duffussaur replied to your post: on skype: me: i watched the cinematic,…

/. people are so dumb. i hate that phrase so much. it’s okay that you didn’t like it of course :3 what didn’t you like about it?

well i just thought it was a-okay, not particularly outstanding imo. at the end i was just, meh. don’t really know how to explain why i’m sorry wow i hate manifesting my opinions D:

Tue, 22nd July

Phantasmal Mage by mSppice

Tue, 22nd July  4
guild wars 2; mesmer; fanart;

20130611 by kamuikaoru

Tue, 22nd July  10
league of legends; lulu; veigar; amumu; annie; teemo; poppy; fanart;

on skype:

me: i watched the cinematic, i didn’t like it that much

my brother’s friend: kill yourself

why thank you i’ve tried 6 times already tHANK YOU SO MUCH

Tue, 22nd July  1

haven’t played league since july 13 haha oh wow

Tue, 22nd July  3
too scared to play haha; ;_;;

listening to my favourite anime openings


Tue, 22nd July  4


finishing a series but still being attached to the story and its characters


Tue, 22nd July  256471
this was me with noragami; and i haven't watched any anime since ;_;;

Still Waters… by ZliDe

Mon, 21st July  103
league of legends; nami; fanart;


Boldly going where no quaggan has gone before ….

Mon, 21st July  126
i'M CRYING YOU GUYS OMG; guild wars 2; quaggan;

thecharmingcharr liked your post: GW2 - Justice Shall Prevail by Sketchy…

bless your url

Mon, 21st July

Lulu and Poro by kamuikaoru

Mon, 21st July  22
league of legends; lulu; poro; fanart;

GW2 - Justice Shall Prevail by SketchyTas

Sun, 20th July  7
guild wars 2; charr; guardian; fanart;
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