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ok how do you get the [role] summoner icon? do you play 5 games of team builder in a row or do you have to win 5 games as a specific role?

Thu, 31st July
i dunno why i didn't get mine yesterday :c;


look i’m wearing a flower crown am i cute yet?

Thu, 31st July  6
hey another selfie; self;

Tokyo Ghoul by HaruLulu

Thu, 31st July  9
tokyo ghoul; kaneki ken; fanart; anime;
Thu, 31st July  4804
tokyo ghoul; kaneki ken; gif;




i bet that cat doesn’t even game, it’s just doing it for attention. 

Fake gamer cats, ugh

Stop it. Just stop. Just because its a cat DOES NOT mean it can’t be a gamer. I’m so tired of this ‘fake gamer cats’ shit.

Thu, 31st July  193463

what if

full arcade skinned team


that’d look nice

Thu, 31st July  4

errr i played 5 team builder games as support and i didn’t get the summoner icon ;_;

Wed, 30th July
much sad;

playing vidya games all day won 4 games of league in a row i’m so happz

Wed, 30th July  6

Karma’ s Cosplay Concept - League of Legends by Scarlatta93

Wed, 30th July  20
league of legends; karma; cosplay; wow;

Nidalee&rengar | 另一只怪兽 [pixiv

Wed, 30th July  15
league of legends; nidalee; rengar; fanart;

i just played league and woah everyone was so nice to each other it’s the first time ever i honored every player, this has to happen way more often

Wed, 30th July  5
no flaming no anything just gj/wp and ok that wasn't too good whenever we messed up; feels nice; league of legends;
Wed, 30th July  64060
cheer up kit;

okay i don’t ever post unsourced art but if you notice that i reposted something with an original post on tumblr pls let me know okay? due to my own incompetence i sometimes don’t notice the artist has a tumblr blog and i just want to support them however i can

Wed, 30th July  1

I can live neither with you, nor without you.

Wed, 30th July  14
tokyo ghoul; uta; fanart; anime;

Touka - Tokyo Ghoul by ZephyraVirgox

Wed, 30th July  33
tokyo ghoul; kirishima touka; fanart; anime;
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